Allyson C.

It would take a lot for me to resort to using any company other than Patch Boys! These guys were phenomenal from day one! As a first time home buyer, I was overwhelmed at the numerous choices of contractors out there to help me with some drywall repair when I moved into my new home. I'm so glad I took a chance on Patch Boys! David was immediately responsive to my request for a quote and came over personally to look at what needed to be repaired. When Moses came out a couple of days later, he was quick and efficient and took excellent care of my home while he worked. While he was there, I actually found one other crack in the sheetrock that I needed repaired and he took the time to add another task to his work for the day. I was so pleased and grateful. Unexpectedly, about a month later, my AC stopped working. After getting an entirely new unit installed, that unit began leaking, so who did I call to rip out and re-install drywall? The Patch Boys. There was no other option for me, because I knew they would do a fantastic job.

For this repair, the Patch Boys sent Josh. He came over and after looking at the area told me that he wasn't comfortable putting drywall back up because he could see some issues with my ceiling space where the unit sat that would keep causing leaks from my unit. Now, that wasn't part of his job description for the day at all, but he took the time to thoroughly investigate the integrity of that ceiling space and even made some repairs there on the spot that had nothing to do with my drywall. He talked me through everything and made sure I understood what he was doing and looking for, etc. he then replaced all the drywall and textured everything and I haven't had any issues since!

For anyone needing a good contractor, you don't need to look any further! These guys are not only great at what they do - they are kind, considerate, professional, generous with their time and run their business with integrity. They will not rip you off. They go above and beyond and will be the FIRST people I reach out to when I need any work done at my home in the future. I can't recommend them highly enough.